Find Out How to Get Free Spins in Coin Master


If you are one of the many people addicted to this game, you will know what this is about. To those people playing this game on a daily basis, you will know that having spins available is the way to win in this game.


To get spins, you need to pay cash for them, but there are ways to get spins without paying for it. Out there on the internet, there are hundreds of websites promising you free coins, but how many of them are true?

Keep on reading if you need to find ways to get free spins, and for the newbies, come and see what this game is about.

About the Game

This is a casual mobile game developed by Moon Active and is becoming one of the most popular mobile games. This game is all about building strategy and spinning the coin machine to complete the actions you want to take.

So for every action like raiding the enemy camp or building a village is about spinning the machine. The more spins you have, the more actions you can take, and you win spins for most actions like raiding and building.

Have we mentioned ‘casual’? This is not the case for some people out there at the rate they are raiding villages.

Features Of the Game

The features of this game are not like normal features you are used to when it comes to mobile apps. We take a look at the following list of what these features are about and how they work.

  • You can spin the wheel to land on your fortune; these include attacks, raids, loot, and even shields to protect against attacks.
  • Raid and attack any camp, and you can steal their stash and earn enough in the process to build your own village. You can also take revenge on those who attacked you and take back all they stole from you to become rich again.
  • With the collect your cards feature, you can collect a complete set to help you move on to the next village. There are a lot of different types of villages at your disposal, and you can build all of them as you advance in the game.
  • Play with friends and trade cards with them online to quickly have the full set for increased benefits. You can also battle through the game on your way to becoming the next Coin Master with your friends by your side.

How To Download the Game

The game is compatible with all popular mobile platforms and can also be played on your computer and is available free of charge. For those who use Android mobile devices, you can simply go to Google Play and download the game and install it on your devices.

If you are using an iOS device, you can easily go to the App Store and install it from there by following the on-screen instructions. After installing the game on your mobile device, you can start the game and get on the road to riches.

While the game is available for free, there are in-app purchases available that include small and special spin packages. The small spins are available at $1.99, and the special ones are available for $4.99. There is also a v1 for $2.99.


How To Play the Game

It is quite easy to play this game. After installing it, you can run the game and follow the short tutorial to get started. You just spin the machine, and when you get the piggy, you can attack an opponent, while the hammers indicate you will be attacked.

If you get the shields after a spin, you will easily protect yourself from attack by an opponent. See the following website to get the basic instructions on how to get started with this straightforward and fun game. 

How To Get Free Spins

There are quite a few ways to get free spins in the Coin Master game to keep your game on the go without paying too much. There are a few daily links available where you can get free spins. Even those you missed on previous occasions can still be claimed.

The normal in-game way is to raid a village or attack an opponent, or you can just wait, and you will receive your daily quota.


The standard ways of getting free spins may just not be enough for some people, and they will need those extra free spins to go on. What are you waiting for? Jump in, and join the fun of this very popular online mobile game?

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